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Two things:  Bob's first ever royal on a triple play, and his first of the trip.
Shar, with one of her sets of Aces on a dollar DB machine, shown to the right.
A picture is worth a thousand words... A set of Aces for Bob on a dollar DB, another first for him.
Here's Annekins with a set of deuces on a BDW, which she got on Bob's machine while he went to the bathroom!
Bob got lucky with his second royal (shown right), this one in the Diamondhead area where a sequential RF would have been worth a whole bunch...
Lightning struck again for Bob, same machine, about one hour later, again with three legs in the correct position, but another first with two royals on the same machine in the same session.
You can't tell, but here's a set of White Hot Aces for Lisa. Annekins and Maria Elena -- what a pair...
Note that this hit occurred on the last pull, and Bob drew the kicker... Bob's only set of Aces with kicker, on C3.
Our Lucky Duck Sharon with her first royal of the trip, shown right, on A7.
Shar's second royal of the trip, this one on a Treasure Chest in an alcove above the craps area.
M...M...M...M...M M...M...M...M...M more
They actually paid money for those hats... Lil Lisa trying out for showgirl temp work at the Golden Gate...
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