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Vegas Archives, Fall 2005

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Aces on a Double Bonus Poker Machine
Aces with a kicker on a DDB machine for $500
Sharon's first-ever Royal Flush on a Dollar VP machine
Sharon's first-ever Royal Flush on a 50 cent VP machine
Aces with a kicker (Bob's 2nd of the trip)
Straight Flush -- dealt
Aces with a kicker -- DEALT! (Bob's 3rd)
Fours were dealt - drew the kicker
Aces w/o kicker on a 50 cent VP, Sharon's Aces with a kicker, held one ace -- Sharon's
Aces with a kicker -- DEALT again! -- Bob's 4th
Aces dealt -- drew the kicker, Bob's 5th Only good hit on a dollar slot -- last hour of trip
Lisa's Aces on a Dollar Bonus Poker Machine  
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