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Friends -- Christmas Eve December 24, 2012 at the Sanders

Karen and Bobby host their annual Christmas Eve party with loads of goodies! Yum! And the house is decorated to the max!
Bob and Karen, sharing some time. Bob trying to entice their kitty to come up onto the couch and play (one of 3 kitties)!
How pretty and festive is this? Maybe I can nibble on some of these poinsettias - oh, wait, they're silk!
Taddy taking a break from eating (delicious meatballs!!) to listen to another good story, and Bob, obviously talking with Bobby. Bob playing his annual Santa Clause role. Presents and goodies for everyone.
Whose present could THIS be? It sure looks like Taddy's!! Hunter having a grand time with ribbon.
Taddy with HER gift. Oh, look, she got a waffle maker, too!! Shar and Taddy having quiet moments. 


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