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"Away Games" -- Las Vegas, September 2010

Annie's Royal holding 2 legs, C1
Almost the Big Kahuna on a Diamond Head DDB in sequence... A5
Fremont Triple Bonus Plus 2s Fremont Triple Bonus Plus Straight Flush
Nice SDB Queens SDB Aces 50 cents
5 Eric the Reds (should be a huge hit) but there's a wild symbol on the winning line... Eric the Red bonus round for about $192
Bob's only Royal of the trip on Cage1195 on bonus cash... Fremont DDB1053 3s kicker dealt, one of 12 quads during session
Fremont DDB1053 Aces Fremont DDB1053 Aces again not 10 minutes later, same session
Cage1198 DDB   50c 2s dealt
Cage 1191 DDB  50c 3s Fremont RT DDB Aces kicker, Bob's first of trip
Cage1198 DDB Aces Kicker Dealt! Cage1198 DDB Aces Kicker one-half hour later!
Cage1198 DDB 2s Kicker, same session
Cage1198 DDB Aces no Kicker, same session Cage1198 DDB 2s Kicker Dealt, same session
GM+1 Aces Water Dragons MSS bonus round of $267
Last morning, Cage1198 DDB Aces Kicker, next to Lisa Cage1198 DDB Dollar 3s, same session
Cage1198 DDB 50 cent Aces Kicker holding one!, same session Cage1198 DDB Dollar 2s, same session, followed by 50 cent 4s, 8s, and Kings dealt...



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