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Las Vegas March 2013

Lisa getting good luck hug from Unkie Bob before she sits down to play!! I do believe Lisa is ready to "go for it."
Linda (Al's fiancee), Lisa (Al's daughter and our niece) and Al (my brother) arrive in LV 3/27/13. Unkie Bob, as usual, is glad to see his niece, Lisa
Al and Linda having a great time. Lisa enjoying her time at the bar.
Linda, Al and Lisa gathering for our first dinner together at Pasta Pirate. Jeesh, is it time to gather for breakfast already? Al. Linda and Lisa enjoying their fare at Main Street Station Breakfast Buffet.
Al, Linda, Lisa, Sharon and Bob after yet another good meal. Shar, Rog and Jane.
Brother Roger and his wife Jane finally arrive on 3/28. How great to see them. We were all there to greet them, so I guess Bob is taking the picture!!! Off to Roger and Jane's room for a pow wow and liquid refreshments from our sippy cups!!
A little family pow wow - where are we going next?? Guess the calls and texts don't stop coming, do they? 
Shar and Jane share a moment (and probably a toast). Lisa, Al, Linda and Jane gather round the dinner table at Triple 7 Restaurant for a darn good dinner. We eat a lot!!!
Only the best refreshments for us in Rog/Jane's room! A toast to the wonderful times yet to come and to Rog and Jane's announcement of their purchase of new digs in Prescott, AZ
Bob, Lisa and Al I do believe Rog is trying to cop a feel - good thing Jane is his wife!!
My two brothers, Roger and Allen, having a brotherly moment. By age, Roger is my little brother and Al my big brother.  That Allen! Looking extremely splendid for 71, eh? And Lisa - close to 50, that girl. What great genes.
Shar and her two brothers, Al and Roger, watching Al get some good hits on the slot machine. Good sibling chat time, too. Another good dinner at Main Street Station Buffet - the gang's all here. Again, Bob must be taking the picture!!
Jane, your hair looks perfect. Don't they both, though??? Our group picture after another splendid meal.
Shar and her brothers, again!  In Roger/Jane's car on way to Mt. Charleston. We hit a couple of ski lodges - one for drinks and one for food! Great day and beautiful weather in the mountains.
Those brothers - they never stop teasing me.
Gorgeous scenery outside one of the lodges. Cute and decorative entrance.
Jane and Shar having their moment. Another of The Cal's great bartenders - Al!!
Yum! More Yum - hot apple cider, peach schnappes and I believe a dash of rum.
Bartender Al was gracious enough to snap a pic of Bob, Shar and Lisa. Rog and Shar
Two brothers discussing where to head next - gorgeous scenery, eh? Lisa with one of our fave waitpersons, Maria, at The Cal. She takes awesome care of us. 
Lisa with her Uncle Roger Lisa and her dad, Allen
Lisa looks relaxed, but actually she's rarin' to get back to gambling after breakfast at The Cal. Rog and Jane - breakfast at The Cal.
Three of the Fearsome Foursome gambling together! Lisa with her Unkie and Auntie at our favorite bar.
Al and Linda - breakfast at The Cal Sat. night and time to go to Cirque de Soleil at the New York New York casino on The Strip. But first, a grand meal at one of their famous restaurants - Nine Fine Irishmen Irish Pub. Just our cup of tea (or Irish Coffee), so to speak!
Shar and Rog (also known as "Rocky") Our farewell breakfast Easter morning before sending Rog and Jane back to California
After the Cirque, a walk around the casino and a chocolate ice cream cone for Roger. Lisa gets her first royal of the trip!
A lovely night out with Rog and Jane, and Linda and Allen.  Perfect dinner at the Irish Pub before the show.
Allen's present from the Easter Bunny was a ring All of us gather after Easter breakfast and before Rog and Jane's departure
And there's Kevin, giving her $1,000!!!! Shar and Bob enjoying a little stroll.
Lisa and Auntie Shar having an Easter drink! Who IS that weird woman!!? She looks like she's having a bit of fun!!
Lisa and her Dad having a quiet moment. Al and Linda having a quiet moment, too.
Lisa gets her 2nd royal of the trip!!!! Pretty, isn't it?
Oh wow! We're all having a quiet moment, and Bob is actually IN the picture and not TAKING the picture. Our fave bartender, Louie, who will retire this July. He makes the best drinks and takes such good care of us.
Shar, Bob and Lisa head for Redwood Grill for an excellent, long and totally enjoyable dinner.  Lisa getting ready to head home
It's tough saying goodbye!!! This, and the following pics are some of Shar's good hits!
My progressive royal!!
This, and the following pics are some of Bob's good hits!


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