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"Away Games" -- Las Vegas, January 2012

Birthday boy, Al, and Lisa, ready for takeoff from TX to the Promised Land! Lisa saying goodbye to Sam!
Daughter Jen (left) arrives in LV to be greeted by Lisa (middle) and Annie, her cousins. They are just too cute!!
Lisa enjoying a little libation at her favorite 
Main Street Station Bar
The Best Picture I've ever seen of my 
70 year old brother Allen
Our niece, Annie, is happy to arrive in LV and Unkie Bob and Lisa are thrilled to see her! Annie bonds with Budhha's tummy for luck!
Al celebrating a big win at the Fremont with Maria, one of our favorite waitpersons! Shar and Al, the birthday boy - really happy to be in LV celebrating Al's birthday.
Al's first ever Royal Flush, at the Cal's front bar... A closeup of the big hit...
Al and girlfriend, Linda, enjoying a good meal at Pasta Pirate! Al's daughters, Lisa and Annie, 
taking a breather during a great meal!
Al and Linda enjoying their time together! Lisa and Annie enjoying some liquid refreshment and I don't think it's just cranberry juice!!
Shar and Annie enjoying breakfast together! Nothing like it!! Aren't they cute - Al and Linda!
Lisa with one of our favorite waitpersons - another "Maria" Al enjoying some time with his beautiful daughters!
The girls after a great meal at Pasta Pirate! Triple 7 Restaurant the day Rusty and Sue Ann arrived!
More pics from Triple 7 gathering! Having great fun! Mom and Jen enjoying our Pasta Pirate meal!!
Bob and Shar enjoying meal time together! The cousins starting out their visit with a toast!
Unkie and Annie toasting - good luck to all! Annie (Ms. Hollywood) arriving in LV!
The sisters ready to rock and roll! Wow! A $500 hit for Sharon!
Daughter Jen with our favorite Pasta Pirate waitperson, Lee! Here's the whole crew after Al's birthday dinner!
Another WOW! A $1,000 hit for Shar - DEALT!!!!!!! Bob's big hit -- a progressive royal for $1980!!!!
Bob's first set of Aces of the trip Bob's first bonus quad on Super Double Bonus
Note the "8" -- they live with the Aces... Bob's first Aces kicker of the trip
Bob's second Aces Kicker -- 
note the $1.25 on the credit meter
Bob's third set of Aces kicker -- Dealt!!
Dave's Bar second floor at the Cal, where Bob had the progressive Royal Flush...   It's only fair that the Cal renamed the bar ...
Look close -- held a Queen and drew 4 Kings... White Hot Aces - final morning
White Hot 3s Dealt! 50cent Triple Double Bonus 3s but no kicker -- 
what could have been with a kicker...



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