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"Away Games" -- Dallas TX September 2015

Me and my girls! Celebrating mine and Bob's 70th birthdays at Winstar September 2015.

Bob celebrating with all his girls. Not the best pic, but . . .

I don't think they're toasting Bob and me!! I just think they're toasted, period!!!

How nice to have my brother, Allen, and his wife, Linda, join us for a lovely breakfast. Allen's 2 daughters, Lisa and Annie, are in the middle. 

Ahhhh, that after-breakfast glow!!

I think we're on our way to another casino. On the right, Lisa's saying "Look, Ma, no braces!!"

Nice family picture!

Annie does love her Uncle Bob!!

Lisa loves her Auntie Shar. Love all around!!

This is why we came! Me, Jen and Lisa playing our little hearts out. Jen drove all the way from MS to be with us for a couple nights. So great to have her there.

Jen and Lisa sharing a bottle of vino. Two cuties.

Our favorite breakfast venue at Winstar!

Just me bonding with the animals. We were at another casino at this point. Won big, too!!!

I said I won big, ha ha! On one machine, too - Quick Hits - one of my favorite games.

Another group of our favorite machines. You either lose big or win big on them!

Following are a few of my good casino hits. Had such a great time gambling, but, alas, no royal flushes for me.  Above is Double Double Bonus (DDB) Aces - kicker.

Another DDB Aces - kicker for me, first day!

DDB Aces -  no kicker

DDB 2s - kicker for me DDB Aces - kicker for Bob -- note that he held one Ace!
What?  Not sure why, but the Winstar Gift Shop has a huge selection of YETI coolers, which according to Bob are the Cadillac of coolers.  Expensive but none better if you can afford the best.   Here's an interesting game that Bob found, an 8 way WMS penny slot.  You select a game for each of the 8 sets of reels from among a small selection of WMS games.  Bob tried it and shown above he selected Black Knight for all 8 games.  There are bonuses involved as well.  A fun game for sure. 

 Another fun penny slot that Bob found (and showed to all of us) is FU DAO LE.  Though you can wager as little as $.38, $.88 was the most popular bet.  Bob did well the first time he played it, never wagering more than $.88 per spin.

One of Bob's favorite Video Poker games is Super Star Poker, a multi-game, multi-denom machine that includes some triple and five play games as well.  Not to be confused with Super Star II VP, different selection of games.

Not much of a payout, but Straight Flushes are hard to get, especially one like this, a double inside draw where you need two specific cards to complete the SF.

Bob had the hot hand with Triple Double Bonus VP this trip -- here's a set of 4s kicker for 500 clams.

Actually Bob had the hot hand during the whole trip!  Last year, same machine, he hit a quarter progressive for $1581.  This time, same suit, AND he needed the King of Clubs again for about $1400!

OK, did I say Bob had the horseshoe this trip?  Two card Royals are kind of uncommon, statistically about 1 in 16,000.   Yet, they do happen.

Of course, we've all gone up for the night when Bob visits one of his favorite VP machines (he keeps notes on this stuff) to play some Triple Double Bonus VP.  So he holds a single Ace and draws the rest of Aces - kicker for cool grand!  According to the timestamp on the photo, it's just before 11pm.  Many people would finish their drink and move on or cash out for a very successful night.  NOT!  He sits there, adding a twenty once in a while (keeping the credit meter from dipping below 4000 quarters).  A few drinks later and 1 minute before midnight he holds a queen (!) and draws the rest of his third Royal Flush of the trip!  Holding one card and drawing the other four happens about once every 178,000 hands!  What a night.  What a trip!



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