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"Away Games" -- Dallas TX September 2014

Our two nieces getting ready to head into the casino for some serious gaming. I guess they had just parked the car.

What a view from our room, eh? So beautiful.
Annie and I have been promising ourselves we would play more Triple Double Bonus in the casinos. Guess what? It paid off. Annie hit for $1,000 with her Aces Kicker. Had she been playing our usual Double Double Bonus, this would have been a $500 hit. Lucky girl!!!!
Annie and Bob enjoying breakfast Sunday morning. Our group was so large that they put us in a "private room!!!" So great. Lisa's friend, and Annie.
Here's what I was talking about - another Aces Kicker playing Double Double Bonus for $500. I do believe this was Lisa's hit!! We spent some time at Lisa's house the night before we went to Winstar. Her friend, Jackie, stopped by. Sweet lady!
Lisa hit it really big with a royal flush, fifty cent progressive machine - $2,040!!!!  And this must be the celebration afterward with Uncle Bob!!

Not a really clear pic, but what a wonderful breakfast Sunday morning with my brother Allen, his wife Linda and Lisa and Annie.

Breakfast Sunday morning.

What a hoot - Annie held a Jack and got 4 Kings. 

Lovely - Annie hits a progressive royal, a cool $1298. 

Another great hit for Annie AND IT WAS DEALT!!! 

And a DEALT straight flush - unusual. Good going, Annie.

Steel, glass and mirrored windows abound.
Lisa took us on a tour around Dallas right after we landed. Then we headed for lunch at the Reunion Tower, which pictures follow. What a great experience. 


Such a pretty sky.

There's the "tower" we're aiming for!

More glass, steel and mirrored windows - great reflections.

View from observation deck in the Reunion Tower.

Even our tickets are classy!!

Here are some of my good hits. Loved playing 50 cent machines, too!!
Here's a nice progressive royal hit for Bob, $1581 on our first night at Winstar.
I decided to get off the video poker for awhile and play a penny game @ $2.64 a hand. I had a bonus round, as you can see, for $331.62. Not too shabby. A friend of Lisa's hit that same morning for $2,000!! Just wanted to "display" my "visor with hair." Came in sooooo handy!!!
I LOVE 50 cent games, especially when Triple Double Bonus gives me $2,000 for Aces Kicker. Wow!  I was all atwitter!! Again, playing TDB gives me $1,000 for Deuces Kicker!!!! Whew, lucky me!
Another couple more TDB hits on 50 cent machine.  
  Bob got lucky here - a $500 hit with his Three's Kicker!!
Shar's 50-cent 4's no kicker for $200. Another TDB hit for Bob for $500 on TDB.
Thought I'd throw in a "scenery" pic inside the casino. So awesome. Another good hit on 50 cent machine by Shar - $400.
Yet another one for $400 - why didn't I bring home more money????? Occasionally I'd swing by a Quick Hits penny machine - max bet $1.50. I had a bonus round for $416.90!!!!
50-cent hit for Shar for $200. Sorry . . . no kicker! Bob's lovely $1,000 royal. He had 2, by the way!! Guess who was the ONLY person NOT to hit a royal!!! Boo hoo!!
Our usual group picture, probably taken on our last night at Winstar! A wonderful end to a perfect trip - Whataburger at Dallas/Love Field Airport. If you look closely, you can see Bob on the right in a blue shirt waiting for our order!! A great time was had by all, needless to say. Until next time . . .



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