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"Away Games" -- Dallax, TX July 2013

Our first night in TX at lovely Mexican Restaurant. Bob, Annie, Lisa, Shar and Lisa's good friend, Jackie.  Back at Lisa's lovely townhome after dinner. Dear friends of hers dropped by to visit with us: Jackie, Teresa and Terry.
Spent some time emptying a few glasses and a good time was had by all: Teresa, Shar, Bob, Annie and Jackie. Our first dinner at Winstar World Casino in Thackerville, OK, an hour away from Lisa's. We stayed there for 3 nights - free of course! 
Am I having fun or what? One of the necklaces Lisa had given me ended up on my forehead. She thought it was time for a picture!!  This picture is for Lisa - it's a sculpture I came across at the Oklahoma City Airport, where we had a 2-hr. layover. Lisa loves butterflies!!
We spent some great time on Lisa's landscaped patio with Jackie and Teresa. Beautifully done! Lisa and Annie are enjoying the absolutely gorgeous weather that night.  Guess what day it is? We have the red, white and blue thing going, yes??? The Fearsome Foursome together again and ready for some live action!
After we returned to TX, we met Allen (my brother and Annie and Lisa's dad) at the Greenhouse Restaurant in Denton, TX, where Al lives. Lovely meal and great fun. Good visit with everyone. Still at restaurant - can't you tell? I have something in my teeth, but do you think anyone told me??? NOOOOOO!!!!
Al and his 2 fabulous daughters. Unkie, Lisa, Annie
Shar and Linda (Al's fiancee) Everyone is full and it's time to go home and get ready to leave the next morning.
Just a few photos of Shar's wins. Great trip. I improved Oklahoma's economy considerably, given the $$ I left there!! DEALT fives! Fun!
$200 hit! Glorious! $1,000 hit! Even more glorious.
DEALT nines! You go girl! Fuzzy pic but worth $200. Love the 50 cent machines!!
Some screen shots of Bob's wins - starting off with good old Aces for $200. 50c 3s -- not too shabby ...
Our two nieces at Lisa's place the night before we all left to go home. 2s kicker -- need those kickers ...
Dealt 3s kicker -- gotta get lucky once in a while ... Aces -- always welcome ...
Hard to see (and hard to do) but held 3 9s and drew a 4th on two hands ... 2s kicker on top line for 200 clams ...
Aces again. Bob had a VERY good trip!
The Big Kahuna - a ROYAL for $1,000!  Bob was the only one to get a royal.
YES! Aces AGAIN!!  


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