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Halloween 2013

Virginal, untouched pumpkins waiting to be attacked by 6 adults who know not what they're doing!! What's a pumpkin carving party without the traditional black cat??!!
Dave May's world famous and homemade guacamole. Yum! And here's the happy couple, Dave and Jaynie.
Our hostess, Karen, with Dave and Jaynie pre-pumpkin carving!! That's why they look so happy. One of the many treats Karen and Bobby had in store for us - mini pizzas inside biscuits. So pretty!
Bobby getting our carving tools ready! Bobby did a scraping vs. a carving - beautiful, isn't it??
Bob trying to figure out which pattern he's going to use on his pumpkin. Sharon getting ready to use a little muscle on HER pumpkin!
Dave and Jaynie figuring out their patterns! Bob, Bobby, Dave and Jaynie at the beginning of their carving journey. That's right - cut off the top first!!
Karen has her pattern taped to her pumpkin; Sharon has just cut off the top and is getting ready to gut her pumpkin; and Bob is in the middle of gutting his.  Bobby is moving right along with his battery-operated tool and Jaynie getting ready to make her next move. 
Jaynie and Karen getting ready to make their next moves. And there we are . . . all finished at last and lit, tho it's hard to tell!
All lit up and we are so proud of ourselves. The following are more pics of our art work.  
  It's not uncommon for those of us who have just finished carving our pumpkin to display that glazed look!! We look forward to this next year and our thanks to Karen and Bobby for the pumpkins, the great food and the friendship.


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