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"Away Games" -- Las Vegas, September 2012

Lisa arrives, and is greeted by Bob, for our annual September LV "Fearsome Foursome" get together. Greetings from Sharon, too!
Shar gets a solid $400 hit right off the bat!! Ohhhhh, this would be an $800 hit - good for Shar
Annie arrives and makes a dash to where we are all waiting for her. As soon as we're together, we take our "California Hotel and Casino" shirt picture, an annual event!!
Great for Shar - another nice hit for $1000!! On a roll! Annie, Bob and Shar
Shar and Bob enjoying a quiet moment together (away from the machines) . . . and who are these hotties?
Another $1000 hit for Shar. What???? At the bar . . . where Sharon usually plays
Another photo op - waiting for our table at Pasta Pirate! OMG, my daughter Jen (middle), her husband, Rick, and their good friend Brittany (her 1st trip to LV)
So happy to see my daughter!  Here's the Fearsome Foursome and what it's all about!!
Playing at some of our favorite machines!  At Lisa's favorite bar (Main Street Station) after a good dinner.
Bob, Sharon and Lisa! The girls ready for some fun with Unkie!
We are soooo happy to be together One of our favorite waitresses, Maria, at the Fremont Casino
We love our group pictures Shar, Brittany, Lisa, Jen and Annie - all hotties!!
Annie hits for a $1,000 Royal Flush - what luck!!  
Lisa hits for a $1,000 Royal Flush!  
Had a little dinner with your wine?? Great time at dinner - Pasta Pirate
Awwwwwwww! Great shot of the mountains from Lisa/Annie's room and another great September get together comes to an end.
Fun dinner at Triple Sevens Still at dinner!
A few of Shar's good hits - this one on Triple Play. Woo hoo! Dollar 5's for $250
Fifty cent Aces with a kicker for $1000 Fifty cent 3's with a kicker for $400
Then off to the slot machine, Double Diamond, for a $320 hit! Quarter Aces with a kicker for $500
Bob's -- In the Diamond Head area, a sequential royal either direction in Diamonds is worth an extra $25,000!  This is the second time in a number of years that I've drawn one card (King) but not the Jack.  In other words, had I drawn the Jack of Diamonds instead of the 9 of Clubs, it would have been a monster $26,000 Sequential Diamond Royal Flush... Bob's -- Once in a while you need to get lucky -- dealt quarter Aces with a kicker for 500 clams
Bob's -- A peny bonus round on a 50 cent bet for over $300! Bob's -- Aces kicker holding one ace, extra special because this is on a Triple Double Bonus quarter schedule for a Grand -- sweet!
Bob's -- Struggled this trip with Super Double Bonus -- not many face card quads... Bob's -- Aces kicker again...
Bob's -- 50 cent Queens playing Super Double Bonus -- $300 Bob's -- The story here is the 8 of Spades -- normally my nemesis card -- it shows up so often when not needed and rarely when needed...


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