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"Away Games" -- Las Vegas, September 2011

Nieces Lisa and Annie during 
one of our fabulous buffets
Annie and Lisa doing their thing on Fremont Street!
Lisa arriving early to surprise Annie 
who arrived later that day!
Is Annie happy to be in LV or what!!?
Our beautiful nieces Unkie and Auntie trying to win (Lisa in background)
A lovely dinner was had by all - great food (and drink) Lisa - just thankful to be in LV
I've had it -- I'm full Annie loving her dinner wine
Annie looking a little dreamy after her wine! Lisa enjoying Fremont St. after our great dinner
Having our usual picture taken with our "California Casino" shirts and the new Baggolini purses Lisa bought for us. Aren't we too cute!! With that grin on Unkie's face, I'd say he has a winner on his screen! ($469 bonus round on a 90 cent bet)
One of Shar's jackpots, a progressive royal flush! Lisa's DEALT ROYAL - here -- take this $1124!!
Lisa getting ready to leave us - sniff, sniff!  
  You've heard of one-armed bandits?  
Lisa morphed into a one-legged bandit...


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