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"Away Games" -- Las Vegas, March 2016

Bob and I met up with our nieces, Lisa and Anne, and my daughter, Jen, and were able to spend some quality time with them in March. We all stayed, of course, at The California Hotel & Casino. Many adventures followed. From L-R: Jen, Annie, Bob, Lisa, me, having a special dinner, and obviously adult beverages, at the 2nd St. Grill at the Fremont Casino, a sister to The Cal.

Jen and Annie enjoying one another's company at dinner.


Here's Auntie ready to rock and roll for the day! Lovely weather while we were there, but quite windy, which kicked in everyone's allergies.

One of our fun dinners with Jen, Annie and Lisa at the Triple 7 restaurant at Main Street Station, another sister casino. 

Jen and Annie hitting the machines . . . 

Then mom popped into the picture. 

Annie takes time out to give Unkie a hug!!

Jen and I hit Mandalay Bay one night for the Cirque de Soleil / Michael Jackson/ONE show. What a super time. The next night we hit MGM Grand to enjoy the Brad Garrett's Comedy Club. Another awesome adventure.

A little snack and dinner before the show was such a treat. 

A bit fuzzy, but Kevin, one of our favorite slots people, managed to photo bomb this pic. He's a great guy - very friendly and helpful.

A special drink for me - Trailer Trash - the Comedy Club. 


(Above) Bob was able to capture 13 seconds of Annie, Lisa, Jen and me zip lining down Fremont St. What an exhilarating experience (and a little scary, too). At one point, we were 77 ft. above the street. I simply yelled, "Oh my God" the entire way.

Here we are, all geared up. Of course, I had to ditch my bottled water.

Okay, quit laughing! I guess I felt better with my fingertips on the mat. Jen looks perfectly ready for liftoff, though.

Lisa flying; Annie praying!!

Lisa still flying!

My reaction after getting jerked to a stop right before the landing platform.

Jen's reaction to getting jerked to a stop. Must be the age difference!!

Annie still praying!!!!

Hard to see, but here are the 4 of us in mid-flight! Wow, can't wait to do this again next year - at night - during the Fremont St. light show!!!!! Right, ladies?

Greeting Jen upon her arrival at the Cal.

Running into Bob Kinnard is always worth a picture!!

Yes, we eat a lot, and yes, we love the Triple 7 restaurant. Waiting to dig in to another great meal.

Lisa enjoying her morning coffee (?), and some alone time, at the Main Street Station bar. 

Gigantic praying mantis at entrance to Container Park. Annie and Jen next to it for comparison.

Jen, Annie and I managed to spend some time at the Container Park at the end of Fremont Street. Quite interesting. 

Annie found an interesting window display at the Container Park. 

Annie also found a lovely heart filled with padlocks - an unusual display to say the least - right outside the Container Park.

Annie and Lisa ready to rock and roll for a lovely dinner. 


He's everywhere! He's everywhere! Always cause for celebration!!

Lisa and one of her fave bartenders at Main Street Station, Jose! 

. . . then there's Annie and Jose!! Popular guy.

Oh my, we need to get back to the machines!!

Bob Kinnard was gracious enough to join us in bidding farewell to Lisa!

Saying goodbye to Jen. What an awesome visit with great quality time. Love her to pieces!!! Next year, Jen!!!!! Okay????

Jen enjoying a quiet moment to check social media!

Alas, it was time for Bob and me to return to reality. Yes, this is our ride to the airport - courtesy of The Cal, Bob Kinnard and Robyn C., our hostess.  All good things must come to an end. WE LOVE THE CAL!!!!!

 Following are some of my decent hits and hands that were actually DEALT to me (quarter, fifty cents and dollar) - for the video poker afficianados only.

Following are some of Bob's hits, including a few penny hits as well.

Above, a couple good Triple Double Bonus hits...

Everyone knows about Bob's struggles with 8s, so having a set dealt for him is basically a miracle...

Ultra Bonus (found only at the Cal as far as we know) offers 800 coins for 2-4s (no kickers) and 2000 coins for Aces.


Bob's only Royal Flush of the trip (Lisa had one too).

Bob's only dollar quad - at least they were 2s... Ultra Aces
Last morning - more Ultra Aces Then Ultra 50c 3s

(Left) -- literally 10 minutes before our scheduled trip to the airport, Bob hit another set of Ultra Aces, but 50c this time!  That last hit made his trip positive!


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