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"Away Games" -- Las Vegas, March 2015

So excited to start our adventure, but FIRST, we wanted to give our wonderful hostess, Carrie, a little giftie. On this LV trip, we were joined by our nieces, Lisa (TX) and Anne (MO), and my brother, Roger and his wife, Jane (AZ). Many pics to follow!!! All of us actually spent some time out of the casino, taking time to visit Red Rock Canyon and Red Rock Casino, thanks to Roger's chauffering skills!
  Had to get out of the car and watch some crazy rock climbers. Serious stuff.
After the Canyon, we took some time to explore the Casino. We had never been there. Quite awesome. I shared a wonderful outdoor lunch with Roger and Jane, while Bob and Lisa caught a snack then hit the machines hard.  A little friend we found (behind glass, thank goodness) at the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center/Gift Shop. 
Look who I found outside the visitor center!!  A wonderful dinner at the new Noodle House at The California! Our very own special room in the back - so we could get crazy and noisy, neither of which we did. 
Roger draining the brain of Bob Kinnard, Assistant Slot Manager for the Boyd properties downtown. So glad Bob could could join us, if just for a drink. What a generous and nice guy!! Yes . . . we ARE always eating. That is always the most social part of our trips. Enjoying Breakfast at The Cal with Roger, Jane and Lisa.
  Gearing up for our road trip to Mt. Charleston.
One of the ski lodges on Mt. Charleston. Enjoying our time at a real family-style ski lodge.
Roger and Annie  
Fooling around in Roger and Jane's room, while taking our annual California denim shirt pictures.   
  Outside the ski lodge after lunch. 
  Annie thinking, "Where in the heck is my drink!!"
Other pictures around the casino . . .  No, no, no, I was NOT drinking that beer, I stole it from Annie for the pic. My fave drink this trip was cranberry juice / vodka!!
Lisa with our favorite person . . . Bob Kinnard. One of our favorite waitpersons, Maria, at The California. She has been there for as long as we've been staying there. She never changes!!
Annie and Auntie getting ready for some serious gambling. Another one of our favorite waitpersons, LauraLynn. So sweet and always there with our drinks!
Bob and I at our favorite machines. Ready, set, go!!
Yet another of our great waitpersons, another Maria at The Fremont. Sweet and loving is she and always glad to see us. Bob Kinnard was able to join us for a drink before our awesome dinner at the Redwood Grill. Thanks to his generosity (i.e. a comp), we were able to eat and drink whatever we wanted. And . . . we pretty much did. 
Redwood Grill - great atmosphere and the best waitpersons! Uncle Bob does love his nieces!
Annie, almost overcome, by the little surprise belated birthday party we had for her accompanied by a card, a little birthday $$ and a sweet birthday dessert brought to our table later. Thank you, Lisa, for arranging!! SHE did it; NO, HE did it - WHAT???
A little side trip down to the end of Fremont Street to the El Cortez. A couple of showgirls trying to get themselves and their costumes on a bar chair. Weird, huh?
We have so many waitpersons who are special to us and take excellent care of our liquid needs. Sarah is one of them!! Our annual "California denim shirt" picture. We treasure these shirts since The Cal apparently stopped selling them. Love this tradition.
Our beautiful nieces. So great having them join us yet again in Las Vegas. Bob and Maria at the Fremont. 
Lisa arriving at The Cal and ready to rumble. Annie ready to rumble as well!!
Lisa with Nancy, who works at the main cage.  Uh oh . . . Lisa and Annie putting their heads together before our arrival!!
Now we know why it's called Red Rock Canyon - look at that sky! A license plate I thought was quite catchy.
Don't know how we rated a limo ride back to the airport, but our thanks to Bob Kinnard for his generosity and thoughtfulness! Lisa - not quite ready to jump into the limo!
Well, it looks like Lisa didn't find it hard to settle in - neither did we. There's something about a limo ride to the airport that makes the end of our trip not quite so sad!! We WILL meet again in September. Here are some screenshots of Sharon's video poker wins, some fifty cent machine and some dollar machine wins were most appreciated! 
We all know how difficult it is to complete a straight flush.  This one is unusual because 1) Bob held only a Jack, and 2) he ended up with a Sequential Straight Flush.  He can only remember ever ending up with a SSF once before. Pardon the photo, but Bob wanted to include this photo not because it's a straight flush but the point tracker (which increments as you play with your player's card in the machine) just happened to read "711" ...
Bob played a game called Ultra Bonus Aces practically every day and finally on the last morning he got a set of Aces for $500. And Bob played Super Aces Bonus every day without success until 12 minutes before we left for the airport and got lucky with a set of 50c Aces for a grand.
Lisa scored a nice Royal Flush on her first night of the trip. Bob's only DDB Aces kicker of the entire trip...


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