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"Away Games" -- Las Vegas, January 2014 (Video Poker Tournament)

During January Bob normally goes out to Las Vegas to participate in a VP tournament at the Cal.  This year, nieces Annie and Lisa decided that they wanted to go as well.  Then I decided to join in and it was the "fearsome foursome" once again in Vegas.  We all got to play in the tournament, the first time for all the girls.  Lisa was lucky enough to come in 35th out of about 350 players, but Bob had the horseshoe this time and came in 4th.  To say the least, lots of fun was had by all ...

Lisa arrives in LV! Yay, the eagle has landed. Let the party begin. What a fun LV trip with our nieces. Annie arrives 2 days later. We were so hankering to see her! 
Our nieces are ready to rock 'n roll. Annie and Unkie having their own fun!
   "The girls" lookin' good!!!
Ohhhh, Annie, that was soo funny! Fishin' for the lemon, I guess!!
Bob's big win in the VP tournament, 4th out of over 350 entrants!! Then he went on to win more cash in the drawing.
Lisa's long-time friend, David, who came to the casino for a visit and some "catch up" time. What a nice guy.
It may be difficult to see, but Bob finished in 4th place (missing 3rd by 5 coins out of over 7,000), and Lisa ended in 35th place out of more than 350 players! What?  This is Bob's failed attempt at taking a photo of a royal flush (held 3 high hearts) during his second tournament round, his first within-tournament royal.  He didn't want to waste time taking the photo while the clock was ticking...  but he knows what this blur represents...
Our annual "California denim shirt" picture. We are so proud to own and wear them. Annie and Lisa snuck over to Main Street Station for a libation, which, luckily, is a "sister" casino to the California, since they still have their Cal shirts on.
Notice we not only have matching shirts, but matching gambling bags as well, courtesy of Lisa!! Thanks, Lisa. Having a little fun outside - we rarely get out of the casino - gorgeous weather!!
More foolishness! The fresh air felt so good. Enjoying a lovely dinner (and one another) at one of our favorite restaurants at The Cal - Pasta Pirate.
 Another of our favorite restaurants - 2nd Street Grill - at the Fremont, another sister casino! Annie unfortunately had already left for home. You were missed, Annie!!  All is well that ends well!
Another one of our favorite restaurants at The Cal.  At the Redwood Grill enjoying a lovely and quiet dinner.
Ahhhh, lovely food and great dinner-mates!! Annie and her Unkie - has breakfast been served yet?????
What can I say?? Lisa, leave me alone!!!!
Lisa ready to travel back to Dallas. A great trip was had by all. Let's do this again soon!!!  
A nice "gift" of $150 for a dealt set of Jacks on a Super Double Bonus machine, one of Bob's favorites. A welcome hit anytime, a set of 4s with a kicker for a cool 200 clams.
First night of the trip and Sharon draws two cards to complete a Royal Flush! Just after a bonus round on one of Bob's favorite penny machines.   One of the bonus spins was good for $375.
Certain VP machines such as Super Aces Bonus pays 2000 coins for a set of Aces.  At the quarter level ($1.25 or 5 quarter bet) that's a $500 hit. Next day,same machine but this one was hit while playing at the 50 cent level for $1000.
Sharon's Double Double Bonus Aces kicker! Just deal them to me!!
Nice set of Double Bonus Aces ... Last penny machine play of the trip included a bonus round that pushed the credit meter to $600.04!


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