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Lisa's 50th Birthday Party, December 2013 in St. Louis

A quiet moment 2 nights before Lisa's 50th birthday party at Ameristar Casino in St. Charles, MO, where the Preuss and Clay families gathered to make whoopie. Roger and Jane had just arrived from California, via Arkansas, and we enjoyed a quiet drink together.

My big sis, Syl. She hadn't been able to attend family events for several years and was anxious to see and spend time with her sibs and all of the Clay and Preuss families.

Lisa having a serious moment with my brother, 
Tom (her uncle).

Bob, wondering what all the commotion is about (this was at the party BEFORE Lisa's big 50th birthday party the next evening). He's already tired. 

My youngest brother, Gary. What a guy!!

Lisa with her Aunt Jane and stepmom, Linda.

Sister-in-law, Jane, my son, Jon, and my brother, Roger.

Bob with Annie's daughter, Kaitlyn, and my sissie, Syl!

Lisa's stepmom, Sue and Sue's husband, Rusty pre-party!

My sissie, Syl, looks like she's either starting to laugh or sneeze. Either way, she's having fun in Lisa's room, pre-party.

My brother, Paul, greeting my brother, Roger!!

A great pic of my son Jon, and his wife Nicci, and my son Jim, and his wife Kimi. They were so sweet to take the time to party with us.

Oh yeah, mom had to get in the picture!!

 Great shoes, Lisa. Uncle Paul approves!!

I have so few pictures of my niece, Vicki, so I had to add this one. She's the one in the middle with the purple-ish outfit on. What a cutie. So glad she could join us.

Another cute pic of "green scarf" Angie. Her brother, Nick, with the moustache. 

This is what 50 is all about. We love our niece, Lisa, and everyone showed their love at her 50th birthday party.

Lisa enjoying the "Dom" that her cousin, Jen (my daughter from Mississippi) who couldn't attend, sent to Lisa at our hotel. How thoughtful.

"The Sisters" - Shar / Syl and Anne / Lisa

The Brothers - Tom, Al and Roger

Sharon with 3 of her brothers!!

Our niece, Annie, with her Aunt Jane (Roger's wife)

Annie, Shar, Jane and Lisa, the birthday girl!!

My sister, Syl, having a great time with Sue and Rusty!

Jane, Lisa and Allen's wife, Linda

My oldest son, Jim, and his lovely wife, Kimi!

Lisa, the birthday girl, opening the first of many presents before her party begins!!!

Lisa with Zack and Kaitlyn (Annie's daughter and boyfriend) who luckily arrived in the snow shortly 
before the party started. 

Lisa trying to explain to Annie what "50" feels like, since Annie will reach that milestone in December of THIS year!

Annie with her son, Jake and daughter, Kaitlyn. So glad they could make it.

Allen talking with Pat Clay Preuss, on the left, who is Annie and Lisa's mom. In the middle is Donna, Pat's sister. How cute are they?

Three of the "Clay" side of the family whose company we enjoyed. I hadn't seen some of them in 30 years or so. 

Lisa, Roger and Donna schmoozing.

Linda (Al's wife), Shelley (Nick's sweetie and all around nice girl!!!), Nick (my nephew) and Allen. What a crew!!

Brother Gene finally arrived and is greeted by Jane and Annie.

Roger and Jane giving up a toast!!

Our good friend, Eddie (who has been a big part of every family event), Roger and Eddie's wife.

Barbara, my brother Tom's wife, and Jane, Roger's wife!!!

Five of my brothers attempting to gather for the Preuss siblings picture (there are 8 of us now - used to be 10, sniff sniff)!

Ahhh, we finally all gathered: Paul, Gene, Al, Tom, Roger, Gary and "the two sisters" in front!! We did it - we all stood still for the picture!! Darn that Gary and his reflective jacket!!

Lisa decided to join her aunts and uncles since it was HER birthday party, after all.

Going back to their roots - the original family - Annie, Mom, Dad, and Lisa!!

Gene, Shar and Lisa.

Jim Clay, Lisa's uncle, visiting with Roger and Jane. Jim and Roger go waaaaay back!!

Shelley and Nick (Lisa's cousin) - just the cutest couple ever. 

Zack and Kaitlyn talking with Jim Clay's wife and son. 

Lovely family - Jim Clay's wife, son and daughter-in-law!

Okay, I take credit for my goofy sons, Jim (on the left) and his wife, Kimi, and Jon, on the right, and his wife, Nicci. Glad they could join us and had a good time!!

Lisa snuggling with Rusty and Sue.

Pat Clay with her grandson, Jake! Love!

More loves!!

Do you know how hard it is to get an entire group together for a picture? The Clay and Preuss clans did it pretty well. 

My youngest brother, Gary with his daughter, Makenzie and little Gary!!

Oldest brother, Paul, with Lisa, Shar and Shar's daughter-in-law, Kimi!

One of the few pics we got of our niece, Vicki, with her uncles Allen and Paul.

Lisa loves having her niece, Kaitlyn, at the party.

Lisa, her uncle Jim Clay, Zack, Kaitlyn and Jake.

These 3 wreaked havoc in their high school days - Jim Clay, Roger and our good friend, Eddie.

Lisa and her partying cousins - I must point out that the gorgeous young lady on the left, in the green scarf, is my niece, Angie, who rushed over to the party late after working all day!!! We were so happy she made it. Also, notice my 2 tall sons - love it!

Lisa's still "got it!!!"


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