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Family -- St. Louis, October 2014

Our trip started on a Tuesday when we drove directly from the airport to meet my son, Jon, and his family at Grant's Farm. Lo and behold, when we got there, it was closed. So we simply headed to this heavenly restaurant, 54th Street Grill & Bar, for a delicious lunch and a few pictures. New granddaughter, Jillian Marie, holding onto Daddy's hand for all she's worth. I think she wants him to order a burger for her.

 Daddy, get me outta here!!

Grandma needs to get to work feeding Jillian.

 Ahhhh, love me some family photos with Bob, Jon, Nicci, June and Jillian.

Looks like June has a question and mom is listening carefully (mom's are great interpreters). 

 Hi, June! Hope the 2 guys in the back don't mind if they're in our photo!!

Yum, I love taking pics of my food. The tilapia was totally yummy. The loaded baked potato was to die for. Too much on my plate to eat that healthy salad on the left. 

What? Where's my burger. A bottle will have to do.

A full tummy plus a good burp and Jillian's ready to close her eyes.

Thursday morning I had a wonderful and long visit at breakfast with my dear friend, Barb. So much news to exchange. We went to high school together. Love that girl!! 

Later that day, I ran over to Delmar Gardens North, where my sister-in-law, Rose, is. Had a good visit with her and my brother Paul. Pam came along later. Rose doesn't like having her picture taken, but it was hard for me not to.

 Rose still isn't happy. Sorry about the fuzzy pic.

Thursday evening, my brother, Tom, and his wife Barbara were gracious enough to host a family party. (Actually, the party was a sneaky way to make sure I got my fill of White Castle hamburgers!!) My brother, Gary, his girl, Christine, and my niece, Vicki (on the right) were sweet enough to drop by to visit. 

Left to right: Barbara's daughter and granddaughter, brother Tom, brother Paul, Barbara's grandson and my son, Jim.

The crowning glory of the party - White Castle hamburgers - NINETY OF THEM! Here's Barb and I toasting to my first WC in months!!

Jillian and mom - I think Jillian's saying, "So what's the big deal with the White Castles???" 

Again, a fuzzy pic. Left to right: My son, Jon, talking to his Uncle Paul, my niece Vicki and my niece Pam's hair. Nice hair, Pam!!!

Pam and Vicki having somewhat of a serious discussion (about White Castles perhaps?).

My brother Tom, his wife Barbara with her granddaughter, my son Jon, a little bit of Paul and again more hair from Jim and Pam.

Gary and Christine having a serious conversation with Barb's granddaughter.

My two sons, Jim and Jon. Both cuties!!

The next morning, Lisa rousted us for a 2-mile walk along our beautiful railway nature trail. Crisp clear weather, ahhhh!

My brothers and me: Paul, Gary and Tom. So happy to see them!!

Barb's grandson, who is a real charmer, with his little sister! He is something else!!! 


Nicci, June, Jon and a happy Jillian. Such a great family and really glad I had the chance to see them again after our delicious lunch at 54th Street Grill and Bar.  Now for the serious part - Bob and I both did well at the casino when I actually made an appearance! Here's one of my favorite games, Quick Hits, showing a $182.58 win on a bonus round with a total of $223.82! I was one happy camper. 

Quick Hits again. The idea is to get as many Quick Hit symbols on your screen for various graduated wins. This is the first time I ever had SEVEN of them show up for a progressive win of $179.37.

Oh, and let's not forget that wonderful feeling of hitting a royal. I took the picture while the credits were still rolling up. The total for a royal is $1,000! Duh, it has been so long since I've seen one.

A very symetrical 4's with a kicker for $200!

One of my better hits, Aces kicker, for 500 clams.

Bob had the same hit ...

But not long thereafter he switched to Triple Double Bonus 50 cents and had a set of 4s with a kicker dealt for a grand!

On the next to last day of our trip, Bob continued his lucky streak with Triple Double Bonus.  He had Aces kicker for aonther grand, and then moved to another machine and did it again!

Bob likes to play pennies to take a break from Video Poker, and this is an unusual hit for this particular machine.

Bob's last hit of the trip, just minutes before meeting me to leave for the airport -- 50cent Aces on Super Double Bonus for $400.

This was one of the greatest St. Louis trips thanks to my brothers, their wives and families and my kids. 
Thanks and hugs to all.



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