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Family -- St. Louis, July 2015

The start of a great trip - winging our way to St. Louis for our 4-night stay at Ameristar, an all-suite casino/hotel! Our home away from home! So excited to be there.
As usual, we met up with our nieces, Annie and Lisa. They were attending their cousin's wedding; thus Annie's family came along. Here she is in a cutie pic with her husband, Kerry at the Amerisports Bar and Grill.  Jake and Matt, Anne's sons! Two cool dudes!

 And here's Auntie and Unkie!

From left to right: Lisa, Kerry, Annie, Bob, Sharon and Annie's sons, Jake and Matt. Good looking bunch.

 The lovely fountain in Ameristar's lobby. Oh, yes, and the lovely Lisa all gussied up for her cousin's wedding!

Annie with her super handsome son, Matt.

. . . and with her super handsome son, Jake. Super handsome runs in the family!! Everyone's dressed to the nines and ready to roll.
The girls ready to roll to the wedding! Jake with his grandma, Pat Clay. 
Lisa with her adorable nephews Matt and Jake. Annie and Lisa having their usual heads together while playing! Adorable!

Had a special dinner with Deb, Rose's daughter. Lots of talk and laughter. So great to spend some quality time with her. Lisa, me and Deb after that lovely dinner. Such a grand visit.

Bob, Annie and Lisa having a winning day in the casino!

Highlight of MY trip - seeing my dear friend from high school, Barb!!!! Can you say "2 hour breakfast"???? We try to see one another at least once a year - never enough!!!

We felt guilty occupying the breakfast table for so long, so we moved our reunion outside the restaurant - YES, we always have gobs to talk about. 

View of the Missouri River from our room. This is the highest we've ever seen it. 

 After many attempts, I finally hooked up Ruth whom I hadn't seen in over 50 years. She's my sister-in-law's sister! Can you say "3 hour lunch"????

. . . and here's our lunch venue in old St. Charles. It was good to get out of the casino and enjoy a fairly lovely weather day.

Ruth messing around with a Daniel Boone statue!! Loved our visit - such a fun and funny lady.

Following are some of my wins that totally made my trip. On our Thursday to Monday stay at Ameristar, I managed to get Aces each day except Sat. 

One of two straight flushes!

A very fun win on Super Times Pay, which throws out the occasional multiplier. I hit 4 Aces (800 quarters) with a 3 multiplier on middle hand. Woo hoo!!!

Another set of Aces.

. . . another! So much fun!

Yep . . . another Aces/kicker!  (Held only one Ace)

And the BEST set of Aces (with kicker) (fifty cents). Since the credits read $1000 - that means I hit these puppies on my LAST pull!!! The Ace gods were with me!

Just had to add this picture - I threw away my entire hand and it gave me four 7's. Unusual!

Following are some of Bob's wins. This one was on a penny machine where he had a $216.25 bonus round win. 


Bob was dealt 4 Aces and drew the kicker!  There's a story here.  Bob, Annie and Lisa were playing side by side.  Bob had recently picked up a non-bonus quad and decided to switch games to Triple Double Bonus (TDB), the most volatile game we play.  He was dealt 3 3s and a 4 of clubs (kicker).   Unlike most games, you're supposed to hold the kicker.  When the hand was dealt, he nudged Annie, who nudged Lisa and a discussion ensued.  We all know we're supposed to hold the kicker but Bob explained that he normally doesn't, knowing that it's not the correct play.  But he wants a better shot at a set of 3s for $100.  So after that long explanation he hits the the deal button and up pops the 4th 3 and the other black 4 kicker for a cool $500!

Bob's been in the habit of switching games when he gets a quad.  He plays Double Double Bonus and then switches to Triple Double Bonus for a number of hands.  Once in a while the poker gods align and give up a nice one, a set of Aces with a kicker for a grand. 

Another penny hit for Bob, this time on a new Aristocrat machine called "Fabulous Fifties."   

Another story behind this Straigt Flush, which incidentally is one card off a Royal Flush...  Annie had had success on this very machine a couple times during our trip -- she and her family were on the road home.  Bob played through $20, nothing, and was about to leave and thought -- Annie would have played another $20 in this machine before moving on.  So another $20 in and the above was the first hand -- three to the Royal, then drew the Jack and the 9 instead of the Ace...   

It's getting close to departure time for us, and Bob sometimes gets lucky before we leave.  He moved to his favorite machine and scored Aces kicker on Double Double Bonus for a nice $500.   

Then with very little time he switched to Triple Double 50c and hit 3s kicker for a grand!  What a way to close out the trip! 

Back in the air, heading home to Maryland ... 



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