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Family -- St. Louis, May 2016

On May 18, Bob and I loaded up our RV, which barely fits in our driveway and which is stored elsewhere, for our very first extensive road trip to St. Louis for our family reunion on the 21st. First stop, Ashville, VA for some RV issues before we test it out on the long haul.

After a loooong road trip from home, to Ashville, VA, to an overnighter in Lexington, KY, we were ready to kick back in our hotel suite at Ameristar (St. Charles, MO) and rest up for our family reunion. Life is good!

My siblings: Gary and Tom in the front. Allen, Shar and Roger in the back. Missing are Syl and Gene. Is this picture leaning, or is it just me. Mom/Grandma with Jim, Jon and June.
Oh yeah, baby, we DID stay at Ameristar and we DID take the usual family picture. Jon with June, Nicci with Jillian, Jim, Kimi, Bob and your's truly. At the reunion - three couples/three brothers: Allen and Linda, Tom and Barbara and Roger and Jane! So great to see them all!!
Roger can't leave until we get our annual brother/sister picture! Such a great guy. Youngest brother, Gary, the host with the most, acting up with our sis-in-law, Jane.

We wanted to take time out to visit our sister-in-law, Rosie. Such a great visit, thanks to her daughter, Deb. A family dinner the night before we left at Amerisports Bar. Granddaughter, Jillian, is keeping herself occupied!

Our lovely niece and Gary's daughter, Makenzie, who was unable to make the reunion, but I thought she'd like to see her picture here!!

OMG, in the old days, I would just label this "The Munie Girls," but today I'll just call them from left to right: sister -in-law Kathy Preuss, Angie (Kathy's daughter), Nancy (Kathy's sister) and Ruth (another of Kathy's sisters)!! Ain't they gorgeous?
Granddaughter, June, REALLY wants to know what daddy's ordering!

 The clan - Tom/Barbara, Sharon/Bob, Linda/Allen, Roger/Jane and Kathy. Where in the heck is Gary?

Ahhh, and then there are the cousins. What a fine looking group!!

Our granddaughter, June, who had a fine and fun time with her cousins.

Two of our gorgeous nieces, Angie and Annie.

Allen's probably praying for warmer weather. With our nieces, Angie and Annie.

Our nephew TJ's wife Jane, with Gary's friends. Where's TJ???

Good morning Jane, Christine and Linda!



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