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Family -- Paul's Memorial June 2015 - Preuss Family Photos June 2015

To attend my brother, Paul's memorial in St. Louis, I flew into Indianapolis where my nephew, Jim, with much patience, drove his auntie to St. Louis. Before we started our road trip, I had a wonderful visit with his family and my sister, Sylvia at Jim's house. Front - me and my super lovely sister Sylvia; back row - Syl's daughter and my sweetie niece Teri, Jim's handsome son Joe, my patient nephew Jim and Jim's daughter and my great-niece Brooke, who is a runner extraordinaire, as are most of Jim's kids.  Jim with another one of his fabulous sons, Robbie. By the way, for those of you who don't know, Jim and Anne have 6 girls and 4 boys, each of them special in their own way.
A mother/daughter moment. A playful sister moment! I couldn't get enough of Syl!!

And a more serious sister moment!!

Four more of Jim's kids: Caroline and Nathan in front and Robbie and Brooke in back. Tall drinks of water!!

Jim and his sister, Teri - Syl's great kids. Teri has 4 of her own and just became a young-looking grandmother!!

Jim with a father/daughter moment with Julie.

Me with Caroline and Syl. I told you those kids were tall drinks of water!!  On to St. Louis and the party at Mattingly's (Paul's old hangout) after Paul's memorial service.
A fuzzy picture . . . in front is my niece Makenzie, my brother Gary's girlfriend Christine, me and Gary. In back: Jim and my brother Allen. More guests at the par-tay. Back row: Karen, Jennifer (cousin), Carol (cousin) and her husband Bill just married 50 years. In front: Cousin Rich, Michell (Karen's mom) and Jennifer's husband, whose name I didn't catch, but a handsome dude nevertheless.
   So great to see these nieces and nephews. It's been too long. We have here TJ (brother Tom's son), Angie (brother Norm's daughter), Angie's friend Shawn, Nick (brother Norm's son) and his sweetness Shelley. What a handsome group!

My brother Tom's grandkids, Nadia and Jaiden. I told them I was taking this picture for their Uncle Roger and Aunt Jane, who couldn't attend because they were in Ireland. Look at those grins after I said that!

My sister-in-law, Barb (Tom's wife) with Nadia and Jaiden's sister Ma'lia. So precious!

Another fuzzy picture - niece Jackie's husband Jerry, nephew Donnie, niece Vicki, and Vicki's husband Donnie. 

My niece Jackie (so good to finally see her), Vicki's daughter Robyn and Robyn's son Kevin! I don't think I've seen Robyn since she was either a baby or a teen. Now she's a mom!!!!!

My brother Don's son, Donnie, with his lovely daughter, Elizabeth, whom I met for the first time. What a sweetie.

Brother Tom stood still long enough for me to get this shot!

My nephew, Gary, on the left, and my brother Gene. What a pair! So great to see them both. Sorry Gene couldn't stick around longer for a better picture!

At least I got to have my pic taken with Gene before he bolted.

My brother Norm's 2 beautiful girls and I'm proud to say - MY NIECES. Kristina on the left and Angie! What a pair!

Can you say proud father? My son Jon with my youngest granddaughter Jillian. 

The most frame-able picture ever: Jon with his beautiful daughters Jillian and June and his gorgeous wife, Nicci. So glad to see them!

Paul's wife Rose (in wheelchair) enjoying everyone's company surrounded by Rose's daughter Pam, my niece Vicki, Rose's daughter Deb (who is hidden) and my niece Jackie.

I think my granddaughter, Jillian, is getting sleepy. Here she is with mom and dad!

Darn, another fuzzy picture. I should have been using my flash??? Here's Rose surrounded by Barb, Nick, Pam and Tom.

TJ with his super cute daughter, Peyton.

My daughter-in-law (Jim's wife) Kimi with Jillian! 


My brother Tom with his wife Barb, and my son Jim with his wife Kimi. Brother Allen with my daughter-in-law Nicci.

Brother Gary with girlfriend Christine and my granddaughter. Everyone wanted to hold 

Daaaaaad . . . can you tell grandma to stop snapping my picture!!??

As I mentioned earlier, my nephew Jim drove me to St. Louis for this memorial. Here's my ride. I felt like I was sitting on the couch in my living room. Smooth ride and smooth driver!!! Thanks again, Jim.

We all left Mattingly's with fond memories of our brother/uncle/dad/friend, Paul. What a great guy. So many stories were shared. Our thanks to Pam, Deb and Michael - Paul's kids - for arranging the wonderful memorial and the family gathering afterwards in Paul's honor.

After my brother's memorial in St. Louis, Jim and I drove back to Indianapolis for a short stay before my flight left for Maryland. I can't believe these two people (Ann and Jim Talhelm) are the parents of 10 children (most of whom are now adults!!!!) Here they are shining with Brooklynn, their granddaughter, and their son-in-law Matt, Brooklynn's daddy. Caroline and Julia with their niece, Brooklynn. Enjoying some "by the pool time."
If I had 10 kids, I'd have a pool like this, too!!!! So peaceful and refreshing. Jim and Ann entertaining their kids, son-in-law and granddaughter. I had a chance to catch 40 winks in the lounge chair Ann fixed up for me. Later, Jim was kind enough to drive me by Sylvia's again for a short visit so she could see Paul's memorial pictures, then he and I headed back to the airport so I could fly back to Maryland!! So many great memories and so glad I got to see some of Jim/Ann's family. 



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