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Indy Trip October 2013

Arrived in Indy on 10/8/13 for a wonderful and fun visit with my sister, Syl, and her kids.  Front - Jim and Anne, the proud parents of the best 10 kids on the planet.  Rear - Chris and Teri, the proud parents of the other 4 best kids on the planet - lovely dinner and visit at Longhorn Restaurant
A little play on words from my sister. Love wearing this shirt.  It was great being with my sister, Syl. She is an amazing woman.
The gang's all here and ain't we sumpin'!! Syl and her gang in her apartment building. This group loves to put together jigsaw puzzles and they are super nice!!
Yah, they wanted me in the picture, too! Alberta, the lovely lady in yellow, makes THE BEST peanut butter fudge and chocolate fudge. I can attest to both!! We're ready to eat at one of my fave places - Steak 'n Shake! Mary, Syl's daughter, was good enough to join us. What a great little gal.
OMG, 3 generations - grandma, granddaughter, Kim, and great granddaughter, Piper at Anne and Jim's house for Friday night pizza. Great-aunt Sharon had to hold Piper as well. What a sweet baby but not too sure who I am!!
Piper is happier in mom's arms with dad, Matt, by her side. This great-nephew, Nate, holds a special place in my heart. Here he is with his mom, Anne - he's the youngest of 10!!!!
. . . and here's the father of the 10, Jim, giving good advice, I'm sure, to his son-in-law.  


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