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Father's Day at our house, June 16, 2013

Looks like everyone is set up to do some serious fishing on our pier. Grandpa bought brand new fishing rods for Em and Zack. Nick got to us the big boy rod. Yaaaay, Em caught a fish, tiny, but it's still a fish. Zack is beside himself.
I said I wanted to hold a fish, but what do I do with it now??? Em! Look! I'm holding a fish!
Nick, our oldest grandson, is one serious fisherman. Uh oh, are they going to scare away the fish?
Em loves one of the many fish she caught! No problem holding onto it. The view down the Bay from our pier. The large structure in the background is the world famous Rod 'n Reel Restaurant and Marina.
Zack is getting serious here! Nick must have caught one!
View from the pier to our townhouses. 
We are 2nd from the left.
Grandpa passing fish to Zack.
Everyone's involved in the catch!  
Yah, that makes sense - wash your hands off in scummy water, ha ha! He just had to get rid of the slime. And another good day of fishing with Grandpa ends. Perfect!  


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